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  • MaterialPure activated ZEOLITE
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Zeolite has excellent absorbing properties, radiation protection, contamination, disinfection and detoxification in the human body, but also the advantage of introducing in ion exchange, on a

selective basis but without the danger of overdose of the minerals necessary to the life of human beings.

This mineral, in his journey along the digestive canal absorbs harmful substances such as heavy metals, radionuclides, chemicals coming from food and medicines,viruses, bacteria, fungi and their toxins, toxins fermentation that result from poor nutrition and flora bacterial disequilibrium and excess of acidity in the body.

The zeolite Biomed is supplied in powder form, and not in capsules, in such a way that it can immediately begin to act already in the mouth and esophagus.
But not only the zeolite releases the body of trace elements and minerals that it needs. So the body is detoxified, de-acidified and streamlined while remineralized: its mineral deposits are refilled, 
in fact, its crystal structure contains cations such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and others, in addition to water molecules.







  • TO EVERYBODY: removes from the body, heavy metals, pesticides and pollution that are present in food and in the air.
  • SPORT PEOPLE: the activated zeolites, also in synergy with other active ingredients, are used to reduce the lactic acidosis and increase endurance and recovery
  • MANAGER OF ALL AGES, GENDER, CONTRACTORS AND STUDENTS: zeolites help to increase concentration (through the reduction of ammonia in the body) and to reduce the oxidative stress and tiredness.
  • TO ELDERLY, CONVALESCENTS AND PERSONS SUBJECT TO STRESS: zeolites can help reduce stress and tiredness helping to overcome fatigue and weakness with its own and natural resources.
  • TO WHO HAS A HIGH OXIDATIVE STRESS: the reduction of oxidative stress after the ingestion of zeolite helps to reduce the occurrence of many pathologies (prevention) and improves the quality of life (better functioning of the organs according to their physiology).
  • THE PATIENTS UNDER CHEMIOTHERAPY, IN ORDER TO ELIMINATE SIDE EFFECTS: already in the second W.W. the Japanese employed the zeolite in victims from radiation during the explosions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It has also been widely used in Chernobyl and Fuku shima both to clear areas and contaminated water and also to protect and purify the people affected by radiation.





Zeolites are minerals of volcanic origins that were formed millions of years ago from the encounter of red-hot lava and seawater. They have a regular and microporus crystalline structure characterized by a huge amount of internal voids volumes inside the crystals.

The crystal structure formed by two tetrahedrons of SiO4 and AlO4 linked by bridges oxygen generates wide open spaces and channels in which they can be welcomed cations and relatively large molecules.

The negative charges of the units aluminum and silicon are neutralized by the presence of cations such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and iron in some cases.





These ions can be easily replaced by other substances such as heavy metals or ammonium ion. This possibility is defined cation exchange capacity and is one of the prominent features of the zeolite. 

Furthermore its characteristic electronic structure and the negative charges present in it makes it particularly active in neutralizing free radicals and in the absorption of toxins (molecular sieve function).

Activation is generally the application of a chemical process, chemical-physical or physical to a material so that it may react more easily.





In case of particular solids characterized by their ability to bind toxic substances on their surface such as coal, we try to increase the porosity or to increase the surface through the reduction of the particle size.

The result is the increase in the number of particles with small size, an increase in their surface and structural activation that enables them to bind more quickly and more steadily toxins, radicals and metals, thereby increase its activity.